Good Food Takes Time

Long time no blog. Summer 2015 got off to a crazy start but will be slowly settling down over the next couple weeks. I’ve been back in Boston and it has felt wonderful. When you’re in a city all by yourself you really get that “me time”, maybe even too much. But hey I’m not complaining. And with the freedom comes many responsibilities…including cooking.

I love food but have never even enjoyed the thought of cooking: taking too much time, getting hangry (angry + hungry) by the time you finish, the list goes on and on. My cooking experiences thus far have been sub par and well also disastrous. I cooked chicken my first time cooking alone. One because it’s the easiest poultry to cook and two because that’s the only meat I remember my sister showing me how to cook. So as expected my first time cooking didn’t turn out that bad. Mediocre chicken, meh I can live with off that.

Well the other day I decided to be adventurous and cook sausage. My dad showed me how to cook it right before I left for Boston so I figured it wouldn’t be that hard. Plus, after over a week of straight chicken I needed some new kind of protein in my system. Unlike the decent turnout of my chicken, my sausage burned and smoked up my apartment and set the smoke alarm off *insert monkey emoji covering its eyes*. Boy did I run like a headless chicken trying to open the window and turn on the air conditioning. I threw out the sausage and ordered myself a pizza :P.

All is good now, except I’m pretty embarrassed by the whole situation. Plus  I am stuck living off of chicken, that is until I decide it’s safe to try something new. Just like the saying good things take time, well good food also takes time.






Chin Up Buttercup

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted on here. A little over three months or so. But it’s felt so much longer than that. A lot has happened since-the good the bad and the ugly. Just your typical college life things: mental breakdowns, sleepless nights, and lonely nights too I may add. But of course it hasn’t been all bad: Nationals in Rhode Island, froyo date with my best friend from home, and of course an occasional night out. I hate that I’m making my comeback on this blog by making it seem like things haven’t been so great. Because honestly that’s kind of lie-today just hasn’t been going so great. I just thought I’d catch you up with how today is going.


I just feel out of it. A part of me blames the fact that I’ve been coughing up my lungs for the past week. I sat in class this morning and couldn’t pay attention over my ridiculous coughing fits. I felt bad for the people around me.  Another part of me feels pretty discouraged. My summer plans are still up in the air and I hate it. Everyone has been saying “I’m looking into ______, but it’s been kind of hard”-well I feel ya 100%. Another thing: THE FUTURE. It scares me. I can’t believe I’m almost half way done with college. I’m not prepared in any way to go into the “real world” or pay a poop ton of money to go to more school.

I’m clearly doing way too much thinking right now. But if you’re having a meh kind of day like me just remember “chin up buttercup”. It’s no fun to have these kind of days but it’s easy to turn the day around. Take a nap, listen to your favorite song, or call a friend. I enjoy blogging because I can share the things I love, but more than anything I want you to know I’m human. I have feelings and I have bad days too-you’re not alone.


Why Hello There…2015

Why Hello There…long time no talk. I’ve been MIA for quite some time and to be honest I don’t have a really good reason for why. Basically life just throws too much (good and bad) at you all at once-so I needed a hiatus. But all is good, and I’m super excited to ring in 2015!



These past couple years celebrating New Year’s and setting resolutions/goals has become more about myself. More focused on “working on myself” and really just thinking more about myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing (especially in college) and feeling like you need to do the same things…Sometimes you just need to remind yourself of what you love, what makes you happy, what you stand for, etc. Simple things like that always help make me feel more grounded. I love this list from Pinterest and it gave me some inspiration for when I make my list for 2015-I will be sure to share it with you guys! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration with your friends and family!

Here’s to a 2015!


Make No Comparisons.

It has taken me many years to recognize that building confidence takes a relentless effort. Much like finding happiness it takes time and often it appears when you least expect it. For some reason recently I’ve been struggling with confidence, more so than usual. And recently this self-doubt comes during synchro-practice.

38606f6f9c5d38fd140b4a864125b90eAm I the best skater on the team? Absolutely not. But am I still a beautiful and great skater? Yes. Despite earning a full spot on the team last year and this year I still doubt myself. I need to learn to believe in myself more. I hear this from my teammates and coaches (for many years I may add). Yes, it’s so much easier said than done. But slowly I’m realizing that if I focus on myself. No comparisons. My confidence will slowly grow.


It’s About That Time

When it comes to accessorizing I stick to a routine. Stud earrings-typically these, maybe a statement necklace and then a watch. My Michael Kors watch has to be one of my favorite gifts I’ve received. I got it for Christmas my junior year in high school and I can’t even begin to say how many complements I continue to get on it. Recently, I’ve been eyeing leather watches which are perfect for fall:


Olivia Burton//Daniel Wellington//Kate Spade//Marc by Marc Jacobs

They are all absolutely simple yet stunning. Of course I definitely don’t need another watch, but I’m pretty sure one of these will be going on my Christmas list this year!

Have any favorite watches?


Weekend Wear

Like most people weekends are easily my favorite part of the week. Even if it’s crazy hectic with homework, planning, or studying I always make it a point to give myself some sort of quick break. Sometimes it’s getting a cup of froyo other times it’ll be grabbing a yummy bite with friends…generally something to do with food!


Button Down (similar)//Jeans//Shoes//Watch//Bag

I’m all about feeling comfy and cute while I get work done or take a quick break. Of course that means I pair a staple for fall-a gingham button down with some boyfriend fit jeans and then add some accessories to top it all off.

Have a favorite look for the weekend?


Sweater Weather is Better Weather

October is finally here and that means colorful leaves, bright orange pumpkins, and crisp apples are coming soon! I feel like right now the weather is in one of those weird in-between phases: feels like summer one day and then the next you find yourself putting on some boots. Talk about bipolar. But once we settle into the month of October it will begin to feel like fall and that means sweater weather!

Once there colder months come along there is nothing better than pairing a plaid button down with a cozy sweater and a quilted jacket.


I love Fishermen’s Sweaters because they are so versatile, casual with a pair of jeans or dress it up with a statement necklace. I also really enjoy sweaters from Sweater 360, Haute Hippie and Ralph Lauren. A great thing about a lot of sweaters is that they can be unisex-I found the cutest Ralph Lauren quarter zip last year and it was from the boy’s section. It’s all about how you layer and accessorize!

Have any favorite sweaters for fall?

P.S. My Fall Lust List